Saturday, September 24, 2011


I've been reading a lot about meditation recently and just
gave the lecture to my friend about the importance of
listening for the "small, still voice of God".  I never knew
until a few years ago what that meant because it means
you need to be quiet to hear it and I was too busy
praying and telling God what I needed done.  If
you are very, very still and empty thoughts from your
head, God will reveal what He needs done from you.
It is scary and awesome and a huge responsibility
but remember that He will equip you with all of the
skills you need to do His work.  You just need to
be quiet and that is really a learned behavior especially
in the busy world we live in.  Give it a try, you'll never
know until you do how you can truly serve the Lord.
Have a very Blessed (quiet) day.

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